Choosing your Laminate

Laminates offer the beauty of a hardwood or tile look at a fraction of the cost. They also provide the homeowner the option to remove and reinstalled their flooring in a different location of the home at a later time without damaging the original flooring underneath or having to bear the cost of new subfloor replacement. There are a variety of qualities and looks available being affordable to meet many types of budgets.

Thickness 12mm

This heavy flooring offers a wide range of designs that are nearly ½” in thickness. These products are available in many colors and formats giving a solid underfoot feeling when being walked on. This quality also offers many surface textures that have the look of actual wood grain or knots and have the feel to the touch of such looks, generally referred to as Registered Embossing.

Thickness 8mm

The quality of an 8MM offers looks and designs to fit many requests. There are also styles that are Registered Embossed having the look and feel of the wood’s grain or purposely placed imperfections that offer a realistic visual. Slightly more budget minded than the 12MM, the quality and warranties are not compromised.

Each laminate has an Abrasion Class (AC) rating to offer a suggestion as to where the flooring may be installed enabling it to effectively wear well. The majority of AC ratings are listed as an AC3, allowing for residential and at times, light commercial. The AC4 rating is for commercial usage offering a very durable wear layer.