Are you able to send me samples of a product?

If you are a consumer interested in seeing a physical sample of one of our products, you can search for the nearest Eastern Flooring Products retailer by using our Dealer Locator page

How can I get pricing on a particular product?

To purchase or inquire about pricing on any Eastern Flooring Product, you can use our Dealer Locator page to find an Eastern Flooring Products retailer in your area.

I’m a dealer interested in selling your product. How can I get started?

Head to our Contact Us page and fill out our form.

I need to file a claim, how can I get started?

To file a claim on your flooring, you will have to contact the retailer or contractor that your flooring was originally purchased through.

How can I clean and maintain my new floor?

To care for any of our products, please consult the Care and Maintenance instructions for that product. Here’s a link to all of our resources page where you can view and download a collection’s Care and Maintenance sheet.

Can I use a rug pad under my area rug that’s going on top of the floor?

You may use a rug pad under your area rug, however, we only recommend using non-staining rug pads. If you have questions about whether a rug pad is non-staining, please consult the product’s manufacturer warranty.

What type of underlayment do you recommend under your hardwood collections? Can I use cork or rosin?

There are different underlayment applications that may be used. We recommend using Omni Choice or Sound Solutions underlayments for our hardwood products. Both of these products are high density and have a sound reduction rating of 73 and meet the NWFA requirements. We do not recommend using rosin paper, which is not a vapor retarder. Also, if moisture could be an issue, we do not recommend using cork underlayment.

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