Solid Hardwood

Full ¾” thickness providing beauty throughout the floor in a variety of species in both domestic, domestic exotic, and exotic selections from intriguing locations around the globe. Solid hardwood is for installation for on or above grade.

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Solid Hardwood Representation
Engineered Hardwood Representation
Engineered Hardwood

Multiple plys of directionally laminated core wood applied to a veneer of the hardwood species you may desire. Multiple ply core construction provides superior dimensional stability to create structural integrity appropriate for installations below, on, or above grade.

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JANKA/Hardness Scale

The JANKA/HARDNESS SCALE shows the hardness of each species of hardwood by using a ball-bearing being forced into the surface of the plank. The amount of pressure required to meet a specific depth of penetration is calculated and given a number representing the hardness value. Lower values represent softer woods such as pine with a rating of 402 whereas the higher values represent the harder woods such as Brazilian Mahogany with a rating of 3840.

Softer Woods
  • 402
  • Pine
Commonly Used Hardwood
  • 1260
  • Birch
  • 1290
  • Red Oak
  • 1333
  • White Oak
  • 1450
  • Maple
  • 1470
  • Kupay
  • 1750
  • Acacia
  • 1820
  • Hickory
Harder Woods
  • 2350
  • Brazilian Cherry

Variation describes the uniformity of color within the wood. The grade, staining process, and manufactured finish may each impact the variation of a given product. When installed without stain, the grades of Select or Clear provide more even colors throughout the hardwood floor when compared to a Rustic or Common grade. Some products have more variation because of the staining or finishing process.

  • Low Low Color Variation Floor Representation
  • Moderate Moderate Color Variation Floor Representation
  • High Low Color Variation Floor Representation